Tree Fairfax

Thrifted Turtleneck and White Jeans, Zou Xou Belu Pump in Sand Suede, Tree Fairfax Half Moon Hip Bag

MY STORY: This past weekend I retook the Myers-Briggs personality test. It's probably been about a year since the last time I took it, and I feel that a lot has changed since then. In all previous instances of taking the test, I've always received the letters ISTJ and pretty much agreed entirely with the description. This time I took it, one letter changed and I ended up with ISFJ.

I reread the descriptions for both and feel that I am currently in between the two, but transitioning into an ISFJ. I am still an extremely hard worker but I feel that I am no longer as stubborn as I used to be, which is a characteristic of ISTJs. ISFJs are noted as patient and I have become more patient but I'm definitely not there yet. It's interesting to me that I can see specific situations and people that formed me into an ISFJ. I'm actually really happy about this change because I feel more of a flexible person rather than someone who used to always have to have plans. It's not negative to have plans but I feel that it's important to not let them takeover if things don't go as planned. This also touches on my relationship with God and the fact that I've been relying on Him more. I don't feel the need to plan as much because I know that He'll watch over me and only challenge me with situations He knows I can undergo as my current self. To conclude, I am excited to grow into an ISFJ as I work more on my patience and leave my willful self.

TREE FAIRFAX'S STORY: Tricia Fairfax is the founder of Tree Fairfax which offers hand-crafted leather goods. Tricia is pronounce Tree-sha which gave her the nickname of Tree and hence the name of her brand. She first began making bags when she was unemployed and couldn't afford to buy what she wanted. As a start, she thrifted leather coats and skirts and turned them into handbags. Her friends would ask about her bag and that's when she decided to start Tree Fairfax. Now she has moved onto using leather hides but continues to hand make her bags in Roanoke, Virginia. I love how Tricia elevates a fanny pack by creating it in leather and giving it a minimal design.