Umber and Ochre

Umber and Ochre Sack Dress in Ivory with Black Stripes, Zou Xou Belu Pump in Sand Suede

MY STORY: Change. That's all the seems to be lingering on my mind. I'm seeing it happen not only in my life but also in the lives of those around me. Change isn't necessarily good or bad; it just depends on whether we view it positively or negatively. There's an odd feeling when it first happens. For me, it's initially overwhelming and thoughts are racing through my mind at the speed of light. Why is this happening? What will happen because of the change? What should I do about the change? And then it sinks in. I honestly don't know what the best way to go about change is. I'm still learning to take it slowly day by day and adjust to the change. There is no use in worrying. I've learned that leaving some things behind will allow for something new, perhaps better, to enter into our lives. 

UMBER AND OCHRE'S STORY: Kunal Desai is the owner of ethical and sustainable women's and menswear line, Umber and Ochre. Not only are the designs timeless, but each piece can be dressed up or down. The quality of the craftsmanship is made to last. Umber and Ochre promotes the wellbeing of the community that works on each garment. Their supply chain practices sustainability in areas of fabric and fair wages. Each piece is made from ethically sourced materials from family run weavers and small batch family run factories using state of the art equipment, waste management, and recycling systems. Umber and Ochre encompasses a brand that celebrates individual self-expression, improves quality of life for all, and cares for the environment.