Sweater knitted by my Grandmother, Vintage Pants

       Growing up in the Bay Area, I spent every summer at my grandmother's house. I would spend a portion of my day at summer camp and after, I would come home to watch cartoons like Dragon Tales and Totally Spies!, eat delicious Chinese food cooked by my grandmother, and knit while watching Chinese dramas with my grandparents. My grandmother taught me how to knit and it took some practice to get the hang of it. I started off with knitting a scarf and each row was probably uneven but I managed to knit it to a sizable length. And then I made another scarf and another. That's about the extent of where my skill of knitting took me.

       It's interesting to be sharing this story now because in my textiles class, I was assigned to knit a hat. Having knit scarves after scarves, a hat is pretty intimidating especially since I haven't knitted in such a long time. It's also coincidental that I felt drawn to this sweater I found in my room back home and decided to bring it to LA with me. I've worn it almost daily with the weather hovering around the 40s and 50s lately. With my experience in knitting and my project looming ahead, I can't appreciate the beautiful cables, warmth and most importantly love knitted into this sweater enough.