Jill Aiko Yee

Jill Aiko Yee Airy Tee Dress in Desert Bloom, Zou Xou Belu Pump in Sand Suede

MY STORY: In a previous post, I mentioned that I was going through a lot internally. I feel that as time has passed, I can share more about what happened. I won't go into details but there were a series of events I went through that made me feel uneasy. At the time, I didn't know if it was okay to feel how I did. I felt a mix of sadness, anger, and deceit. In those moments, I isolated myself. I felt like I wasn't good enough and didn't feel like it was worth sharing. I cornered myself into thinking this way. After about a week, I finally opened up to my friends and things actually started to look up. They validated my feelings that I was initially unsure of. They encouraged and listened to me. This really relieved me of everything I was going through prior. Having gone through this situation, I learned that it is necessary for me to open up to people about what I am going through. I am the type of person to feel hesitant to initiate sharing my feelings, but I learned that it is so good for me to. It was the way I was able to overcome what I was feeling. Even though going through this was tough, I am grateful to have learned more about myself and to have received the support and love from my friends.

JILL AIKO YEE'S STORY: I recently had the pleasure of meeting Jill in her Los Angeles studio. Jill graduated art school in Los Angeles and has lived there for the past decade. Prior to starting her brand, Jill Aiko Yee, she was a dancer. This influenced the clothing she creates today which allows movement and expression. She incorporates rich colors that make each piece a statement and something to gravitate towards day after day. All of her clothes are hand crafted in Los Angeles in small quantities. I chose the Airy Tee Dress in Desert Bloom because the silky fabric flows with every step. It even has convertible hem buttons to pull back the flowy fabric, perfect for biking. You may have also noticed that I don't usually wear bright colors. If you asked me at any point within the past several years, I would easily tell you that red is my favorite color. With that said, I never really felt drawn to wearing red until more recently. Red is a cute pop of color and I thought this dress would be a great way to step out of my usual since it is such a statement piece.