Omzii The Label

Omzii The Label Linen Jumpsuit, Zou Xou Belu Pump in Sand Suede

MY STORY: I feel that I am long overdue for an update. I am scared to share what I am going to say, but I really shouldn't be. What I am going through is normal but it's harbored intermittent fear and anxiety within me. I am in between jobs and I honestly am not sure what direction I want to take in my next position. It will definitely be fashion related, but I'm the type of person who won't know that I don't like something until after I've tried it. In reverse, it's difficult for me to know what I like too until I've done it for a while. With that, I've just been applying to different brands and companies for various positions. I'm still in the interviewing process so I don't have a strong lead yet. As for the fear and anxiety, I feel that it comes with the unknown. I mentioned that it comes and goes because I do feel peace when I'm not anxious. I realize that I am being tested for my patience and trust in God, which is wear I find my peace. I hope to stay transparent with you throughout this process even though I know it will take a lot of courage.

OMZII THE LABEL'S STORY: Nyomi Nobes, the founder and designer of Omzii The Label, started her brand to combine her love for fashion and fair trade. Her pieces are designed in Melbourne, Australia and focuses on detail, fit, and comfort. In each step of creating her clothing, she ensures they are high in quality from fabric selection to the sewing process. Her clothes are made ethically by talented makers in Bali. I really enjoy the fit and silhouette of this linen jumpsuit!