Liisa Soolepp

Liisa Soolepp's Cardigan Lagle, Thrifted Top and Pants, Osborn Clarity Flat in Greyci

MY STORY: Ever since I was young and started shopping, my mom trained me to look for the content of any clothing I wanted to buy. She taught me to pick natural fabrics and do without synthetic ones that tend to be cheap and not durable. I was recently asked what my favorite garment fabrics are so today I decided to share them. My list contains mainly plant and animal based fabrics because these were ones I grew up wearing and I now realize the reasons why both my mom and I like them. I mentioned synthetic fibers and I want explain a bit about them. They are chemically made and tend not to be breathable, which is why I avoid garments made in these fibers. Examples of synthetic fabrics include polyester, nylon, acrylic, and faux leather/fur. Now back to fabrics that I do like, here are the main ones that I love to wear.

Organic Cotton. I specifically listed it as organic cotton because the process of creating it is much more sustainable than regular cotton. It uses a lot less water, maintains soil fertility, and does not use toxic chemical treatments, which is safer for farmers. I enjoy this fabric because of its breathable quality making it a year-round staple in my closet. To be honest on my part, a majority of my closet is not organic cotton but I am making an effort by purchasing organic cotton if I am buying a new garment. Shop organic cotton here: AugustMost Prominent Co, Umber & Ochre

Linen. Since linen is a plant based fabric like cotton, it is also breathable and easy to wear. Linen comes from flax which does not require pesticides to grow. On the other hand, there are linens made inexpensively and are treated with chemicals. In this case, linens are presented in its most sustainable form in its natural creme color or dyed with natural dyes. It is common and normal that natural linen can have flecks of brown in the fabric, which I personally love. When using natural dyes on linen, the array of colors are beautiful and it is great for casual everyday wear. Shop linen here: CoastConscious Clothing, Sugar Candy Mountain

Wool. I love that wool is water resistant, does not wrinkle, and keeps me very warm. Sometimes it can come in a form where it is itchy but when I come across a wool that isn't, I know that it will be my go-to when the cooler months come by. Compared to acrylic, which is a wool alternative, I definitely prefer wool because it is warmer and stays in better condition over time. Shop wool here: Arch The, Liisa Soolepp, Micaela Greg

Cashmere. I don't own many cashmere pieces but of the one that I own, I love that it warmer than wool and stays warm even when it gets wet. Cashmere fiber is from the fur of cashmere goats which makes it durable and lasting. I've also noticed that it has a lighter weight than wool. Shop cashmere here: Colorant

Silk. The smooth feeling of silk gets me every time. That is probably one of the biggest reasons why silk is one of my favorite fabrics. I started wearing silk even before I got into slow fashion and I love that they are lightweight. I like to wear my silk pieces day to day but they also translate well into formal wear. It allows for more wear into each purchase and adds versatility to my closet. Shop silk here: Jill Aiko Yee, Textile Haus

LIISA SOOLEPP'S STORY: Liisa Soolepp started her women's knitwear brand to create something with meaning that will last. The patterns and textures she uses are inspired by her local surroundings in Eastern Europe, formed into tangible garments. Liisa hopes that through her process of designing, she is able to create an inspirational atmosphere for the wearer as they do for her. All of her sweaters are made from high quality wool (that's amazingly warm and doesn't itch) in Estonia.