Conscious Clothing

Conscious Clothing's Backyard Jumpsuit in Clay, Adelante Shoe Co. The Cordoba Sandal in Caramel

MY STORY:  Over a week has passed since I came back from vacation and I feel that reality is really settling in. Starting my new pattern making class has been a difficult transition since I have a different teacher and I'm still learning to adjust to her teaching style. Often times when I start a new class with a teacher I'm not familiar with, I tend to feel anxiety due to the change. Not only did I switch classes but, it is a lot more demanding than my previous class with increased number of projects and short deadlines. I hope that with time I will get more used to it and not feel as anxious day to day.

In addition to school, I am feeling anxious as I continue to look for a job. I only recently learned that I should pursue the area that I am interested in now rather than take any general fashion related position just to have a job, which was what I had been doing. I had several interviews and would've taken one of them had I not come to this realization. Now, I am trying to figure out how to find a position in this specific area of fashion. I have contact many companies but have not received many responses. I am in a position where I want to be patient about finding the right job but I am not sure if I am doing enough to find it. I am trying to find the balance to this by taking a day or two to reach out to companies, and on others, I won't even touch my laptop. The fact that I don't have a job right now often stresses me out and creates a sense of anxiety within me. This time for me is tough but I need to remind myself to trust God that everything will be just fine. I know things will turn out fine because it's happened before and He's blessed me with an amazing support system that's continuously rooting me on.

CONSCIOUS CLOTHING'S STORY: Husband and wife Rose and Doug Phillips started Conscious Clothing in 2015 to offer sustainable clothing made from eco friendly materials. They try to source everything locally because they want transparency of creating each piece from the plant to the garment. The team behind Conscious Clothing not only believes in sustainability, but they also feel that it is important to share who makes their clothing and support local manufacturing in America. Their studio is located in Rockford, Michigan where they cut, sew, wash and dye, iron, and ship all of their garments. I absolutely love the fit and fabrication of their pieces because they look amazing on without compromising comfort.