Bodybag Ixtapa Dress in White, Osborn Clarity Flat in Greyci

MY STORY: Last week Fashion Revolution Week, a date marking the deadliest garment factory incident in history - the 2013 Rana Plaza factory collapse in Bangladesh which killed over 1,000 workers, was commemorated. Ever year during this time, people around the world ask clothing brands through email and social media, "Who made my clothes?" Because of this along with the discussions held during this week, I feel that more people are becoming aware of the conditions of garment workers who don't earn enough to survive and make clothes that fall apart after several uses. With this platform, I want to continue to bring this issue up through uplifting brands that create ethically and sustainably. Even though it's great to share emerging brands, I can't help but feel that I should be doing more, something that will directly affect the people who need it.

This past Sunday, I attended the 'Wear Your Values' event held at Galerie.LA where I met Ayesha Barenblat, the founder of Remake, and Kestrel Jenkins, the host of Conscious Chatter. Remake focuses on increasing the number of conscious consumers by using their shopping dollars to improve the lives of people who make our clothes, while Kestrel shares stories of and has conversations with the people behind ethical fashion brands. The event consisted of a screening of the film "Made in Sri Lanka" and a panel moderated by Kestrel where she inquired industry people how to buy better and what they are working on in slow fashion. During the panel, Ayesha had mentioned that Remake is trying to build a network of ambassadors based in LA and I felt drawn to become one. I talked to her after the panel and was referred to email them for more information but I am looking forward to try a new way to bring awareness of ethical and sustainable fashion. As I had mentioned previously about helping people directly, I'm not sure if this would be a way to do it, but if I don't try to learn more about it, I won't know. 

BODYBAG'S STORY: Judith Desjardins launched Bodybag in 1998 to create pieces to be worn everyday, focusing on the philosophy of living the life you want and enjoying the beauty and people around us. She initially studied communications but was later led to explore her love for fashion design. Even though Judith's main focus is on clothes, she enjoys bringing various creative fields into the process including photography, graphic design, event planning, and interior design. All of the pieces from Bodybag are crafted in Montreal with high-end fabrics, expertise, and innovative detail.