Thinx Hiphugger Panties in Forest

MY STORY: Ever since I started my period when I was young, I hated it. On the first day, I would, without fail, have excruciating cramps and (perhaps TMI) diarrhea several times. Within the more recent years, I developed dizziness and hypotension usually on the first few days of my period. After experiencing these symptoms for a while, I developed my way of dealing with them. For cramps, I found out that keeping the area around my stomach warm almost immediately relieved some of the pain. As for the combination of cramps and diarrhea, I haven't had these symptoms as often since I moved to LA. I found that living in a warmer climate caused my symptoms to change, in this case for the better. As for the dizziness, I learned that I was experiencing this due to iron deficiency. To help with this, I take iron pills and try to drink more water. These are the main symptoms I get during my period and I have learned to live with them after many years.

Last week I had the pleasure of trying out my new Thinx underwear. I've heard about it for a while but never decided to try it in fear that it wouldn't work. I've also stayed traditional using pads ever since I started having my period, so naturally even when I received my first pair, I was nervous to try it out especially on my first day, which is my heaviest. I decided to try them on my third day and they were amazing to say the least. I didn't have to change my pad every few hours and it didn't leak or have a bad odor. I was even disappointed on my fourth day that they were in the wash so I would have to use pads again. Next month, I think I will try to use them on my second day and see how it goes since I do have the pair for heavy days. 

THINX'S STORY: After experiencing period accidents, three friends started Thinx, underwear that was made to replace pads or back up tampons. Each pair is made with four layers of protection: moisture-wicking organic cotton (closest to your skin for breathability), anti-microbial lining (fights bad odor and bacteria), super-absorbent fabric (holds up to 2 regular tampons), and a leak-resistant barrier (stays fresh and dry). They are machine-washable and reusable, which makes them a more sustainable alternative to pads and tampons that end up going into landfills. Thinx underwear are made ethically in their facility in Sri Lanka which supports female leadership, employee well-being, and environmental sustainability. I love that Thinx is a company working towards both sustainability and ethical manufacturing.