Berg + Betts

Berg + Betts Mindful Cream and Gold Watch, Ren Ursula Top in Black

MY STORY: If you have been following me on Instagram, you may know that I just started my new job this past Monday. The journey to finding the right job definitely had a lot of ups and downs. When I was first started searching for a job, I was looking for an assistant pattern making position. I looked online for businesses that offered pattern making services and sent out emails inquiring for a position, which quite frankly I have limited skills in. I went in for an interview but I felt that it wasn't the right fit in personalities and goals of both parties. As time passed with no further emails returned, I decided to contact clothing brands based in LA. I received many replies but most said that they didn't offer the position as they were too small of a business.

I did end up with an email from a brand that was open to offering me the position on an unpaid internship basis. I decided I would contact them to learn more about the position. When I first met with the owner of the brand, I had some uncertainties but I learned that they were offering the position I was looking for. I decided to take it since weeks had passed from when I contacted companies and brands with no promising responses. On my first day, I learned plenty about patterns, but there was still something that didn't feel quite right. I had mixed feelings about working with the owner.

Prior to this internship, I had been told that I am not willing to be uncomfortable for things I wanted. Because of this, I brushed off those feelings. Wednesday was my day off from the internship and I remember feeling relieved. I talked to my friends about the internship and this was when I realized that I shouldn't be putting up with what I was forcing myself to. I, of course, was still uncertain, but talking to them really gave me another perspective on the situation. Naturally I went back to the internship on Thursday and put up with it all over again. But something was different.

I had received a text the day before about an assistant pattern making position from a company I had contacted over a month ago. They wanted to set up an interview and I agreed to meet them on Friday. I was only promised an interview but it gave me hope. On that Thursday, I somehow mustered up my courage and told the owner of the brand that I wasn't coming back.

This situation not only taught me to take a leap of faith, but also not to settle. I later talked to a friend about what happened and he told me, "Life is too short to be unhappy." Even after being terribly unhappy working as a nurse, I was still susceptible to putting myself in a toxic work environment that didn't allow me to enjoy life. It's easy to stay somewhere where we're unhappy and not leave due to fear and the unknown. I want to tell you that you're better than that. You deserve to enjoy life and all that it has to offer. For me, I ended up landing the job from the interview and it is worlds better than the internship. Honestly, this position is better than anything I had imagined for myself at this time and I feel incredibly blessed to be there.

BERG+BETTS' STORY: Berg+Betts offers responsibly and sustainably made watches. Each one is made of  leather pieces sourced from the leftover scraps of shoes and purse makers. In this way, Berg+Betts is able to create sophisticated timepieces from new textile waste. All of the watches are designed and assembled in Victoria, BC in Canada and the watch parts are ethically made in Dongguan, a city near Hong Kong. Their suppliers are members of SEDEX, which is a non-profit organization that strives to improve ethical business practices in global supply chains. They check for labor standards, health and safety, environment, and compensation in order to create a happy and healthy workplace. My watch is part of Berg+Betts' new Mindful Collection which offers a smaller watch face (38mm) compared to their original round watches (40mm).