Colorant Cashmere Pocket Tee in Terracotta, Linen Pants, Osborn Clarity Flat in Greyci

MY STORY: This past week I started to embrace re-wearing pieces and outfits publicly. Day to day, I wear the same outfits often but I don't really show it on my Instagram or blog. At the end of last week, I did an Instagram poll asking if people were interested in seeing my everyday outfits and 98% said yes. Ever since that day, I've started posting my outfits daily to share that I do re-wear my clothes. Sure it may not look as glamorous as my photos on here or my Instagram but that is exactly what I want to share. My life isn't perfect or even close. On my blog and Instagram, I enjoy sharing outfits that are neutral colored because it looks nice and put together on my feed. In my everyday life, I usually wear darker colors because I work in an environment where my clothes can easily become dirty. I also need to be prepared and wear pieces that are comfortable for me to work in since each day's tasks look pretty different. 

COLORANT'S STORY: Sonia Tay founded Colorant, a natural plant dye focused women’s wear line, in 2012. Sonia and her team research extensively and develop dyes based on ancient dye recipes and ingredients. Each color palette is tested for 6-9 months before actually being put on the market. Biannually, Sonia and her team will travel to different locations to research dyes in order to use colors that are local to the manufacturer. Each collection that is released is a reflection of this research. Sonia aims to share the story of each color through her garments. It is amazing that the terracotta red color in the shirt I am wearing is dyed with madder root!