Deta One Piece Peach

MY STORY: My first year of fashion design school is coming to an end. It has been a year filled with knowledge in various areas of fashion, but also about myself. I am finishing my pattern making class and have a project due on Friday. We are to design, create a pattern, and sew a shirtdress. So far I designed and created my pattern, but it is a bit nerve racking knowing that I need to finish sewing in a few days. I am learning to trust God that I will finish it in time. I can't wait to share the end result of my dress! 

As for learning about myself, I am seeing parts that I do and don't enjoy about fashion. Since starting my new job, I can tell that I like creating patterns, and through school I can tell that I don't like cutting and sewing as much. It is interesting to see that the more I do something, the more I find out about myself. I am grateful for both opportunities of school and work to teach me and reveal things about myself I haven't realized before. After school ends, I am excited to be working full time at my pattern making job (and waking up at a later hour).

DETA'S STORY: Anna Berger is the founder of Deta (formerly E.A. Seawear), a knitted swimwear line which offers a modernized retro look. Deta was Anna's grand aunt who inspired her ever since she was young. Deta did not follow any rules. She allowed Anna to make vanilla pudding in the middle of the night and let her add pasta to it as well. She also let Anna drink fever medicine just because she liked the taste of it. This swim line is dedicated to her grand aunt because she wants to share garments that are open minded yet approachable. Deta is also created for women who are resourceful by taking care of their garments and passing them down to the next generation. Each knit from Deta is hand-made by local seniors in Berlin. Through Deta, seniors who already enjoy knitting are able to earn an income.