Palermo Body

Palermo Body Hydrating Facial Toner, Rose Geranium Soap, and Vitamin C Facial Mask

MY STORY: It's been tough. I honestly didn't want to post this week because I am completely overwhelmed by everything that is going on. Even so, I felt that I shouldn't shy away from sharing this because it shows that I am human and that I do experience these kinds of things. I just came back from San Francisco which was really nice since I was able to hang out with my friends and family, but being back in LA felt a bit different this time. I came back to a full day of work as well as many projects looming ahead. I often feel that deadlines can cause me to feel this way but I also need to remind myself to take things slowly and one step at a time. Sorry for the brief write up but hopefully I'll be in a better space when I check in next week!

PALERMO'S STORY: Jessica Morelli is the founder of Palermo Body, a collection of natural skin care products made by hand in small batches. She began making her products in 2008 inspired by her Nonna Vincenza who lived practicing a natural holistic lifestyle, which ultimately taught Jessica to live this way. Jessica was taught to cook with fresh ingredients, garden, and to use natural remedies. As a tribute to her Nonna, she named her brand Palermo Body after the city where her grandmother was born. The ingredients in each product are chosen with purpose and are sourced with the environment and its benefits to your skin in mind. The packaging is beautifully designed and all products are made in Brooklyn, New York.