Summers the Label

Summers the Label Niamh Organic Slip in White, Hey Moon Designs Pavo, Zou Xou Belu Pump

MY STORY: Where do I start? So much has already happened at the beginning of this week. To start off, school has pretty much taken over my not-very-social social life. We were assigned to create a lined jacket from scratch and a large portion of the work is done during class but there has also been a good amount outside of class. With that, I’ve gone from sleep, school, work, back home to work on the jacket, and repeat. It’s been exhausting and I haven’t experienced being this busy in a while. With the amount of work, I do get overwhelmed at times but I remind myself that everything will work out, as it always has.

On another note, I was finally able to build up the courage to speak up. Growing up, I was always the shy and quiet girl. Over time I’ve developed my personality and opinions. This is something that continues to be a work in progress but I’ve definitely made leaps of improvements within the past year. I wasn’t even able to do what I did this week in early 2018 when I encountered a similar situation. Here’s what happened: at work, there have been issues culminating over the past months until they recently reached their tipping point, or mine. I, along with my co-workers, were experiencing injustices, and for some time I didn’t do anything about it. I thought things would get better but they only got worse. It dawned on me that I would have to speak up about it. I usually try everything to avoid confrontations but at this point I just couldn’t anymore. I called to hold a meeting and prior to it, I was so nervous. I kept trying to think of what to say and prayed for words from the Holy Spirit. During the meeting, I brought up the injustices and expressed how I felt about them. I wish this meeting ended the way you and I want it to but it didn’t. Even so, I am glad to have finally conquered my fear and at the same time stand up for the injustices not only for myself, but for others. This to me, was a significant moment and I can only pray that their hearts will be changed.

SUMMERS THE LABEL'S STORY: Jessica Matthews is the creator of Summers the Label, a modern clothing line that offers timeless, lasting pieces produced in Wellington, New Zealand, where she is based. By producing locally, Jessica is able to reduce garment travel and ensure ethical production practices. She selects the highest quality natural fabrics and also incorporates limited edition deadstock fabrics. Previously known as Aida Maeby, Jessica rebranded to Summers the Label in honor of her close friend whom she lost to breast cancer in 2017. She decided to donate $4 per garment sold through her website to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation of New Zealand to aid their research and support programs.