Santa Venetia

Collar One Piece in Rust, Barred Samson Culottes in WhiteSanta Venetia Ember Tino

MY STORY: Some of you may know as I've shared on my Instagram that I've been going through a lull in creativity. I feel that what I've been putting out is becoming repetitive and I want to make something new. I'm not exactly sure what but I haven't felt the drive to test a new perspective. I've been feeling  drained from work and the heat, which I feel has been blocking my creativity.

When I went to Joshua Tree with a group of friends this weekend, it felt nice to be away from my usual surroundings and experience a change in pace. We drove there on Saturday, bought groceries, and ended up hanging out in our Airbnb for the rest of the day. We initially wanted to go hiking but due to the heat and drive, we decided to just relax. We prepared lunch and a cheese board, and we ended up taking photos of each other for the rest of the day. It was refreshing to shoot with my friends since everyone has a different perspective when taking photos and my boyfriend usually takes my photos. We experienced with photos close up and from a distance. During this trip, I felt like creating again and I'm hoping that it will continue as I create more.

To continue about our trip, we had a slow morning on Sunday. We woke up later in the day and cooked breakfast before heading out to the park. When we got to the park, it was surprisingly overcast and had a nice breeze despite it being 100 degrees. We climbed up rocks and saw the view of Joshua Tree from up above. This is probably one of my favorite things about going there. The view is breathtaking and it isn't too difficult to climb either. We decided to take a short 1 mile hike and then headed home. I love that Joshua Tree isn't too far from Los Angeles and I feel that it's the perfect getaway for me.

SANTA VENETIA'S STORY: Santa Venetia is founded by three longtime friends, Gemma, Raquel, and Laurel, in California's Bay Area. Through their shared love of clogs, they decided to start a line of unique, embroidered clogs. After a year of working on designing, partnering with small business suppliers, and making these shoes by hand, they've created their wearable art footwear in 2018. Each shoe was designed in their Bay Area studio (aka their dining and living room) and then embroidered in Los Angeles with ecologically dyed threads. The Italian leather and Spanish nubuck used in the clogs are sourced from a family owned business in San Francisco, and each sole is hand carved by a small team in Cameroon, Africa. To finish the clogs, they are hand assembled by a small team of long-time cobblers who sew and nail each shoe in San Francisco.

Photography by Indah Nur.