Bailey Harrison

Bailey Harrison Anna Dress in White Linen

MY STORY: This past weekend I had the pleasure of joining a group of amazing ladies to discuss our views on worthiness and share our fears in Galerie.LA's space hosted by Velé, a leather goods brand co-founded by my friend Tiffany. Most people didn't know each other in the group but everyone was open to sharing. Because of this, there were so many wonderful conversations. 

If there's one thing I took away from talking to these ladies, it's that in most situations, it's not about me. I've felt scared so many times, but in reality it was only because I was allowing my thought and doubts affect me. Examples would be initiating conversation with someone I didn't know, going to an event or places alone that I've never gone before, presenting and hosting meetings for work or school, and the list goes on. In all of these situations, I've felt nervous to deliver what I was supposed to. What I didn't know at the time was that the important thing is actually what I was offering, not how I did it. Realizing this made me want to take a leap towards what I truly feel I was meant to do. I am starting to work on this project, not for me, but to deliver and serve others. This will be stepping towards one of my biggest fears (one that I didn't even want to set as a goal because it was that intimidating), but I am excited to tell you more soon!

BAILEY HARRISON'S STORY: Bailey Harrison grew up exposed to many different cultures through her travels with her mom. In a particular visit to Europe, she decided to start her eco-conscious women's brand that focuses on ethical manufacturing and sustainable practices. She is inspired by her friends, family, places she visits, and art forms including movies, music, paintings, and sculptures. Bailey tries to use eco-friendly materials whenever possible. Her first collection uses silk, linen, and bamboo which are all natural fabrics. The packaging her pieces come in are made from recyclable materials and are also recyclable. Eventually she would like to make scrunchies and neck scarves from extra fabric cuts that would usually be thrown away in large scale fashion companies. Bailey is hoping that her company will be completely sustainable by 2020.

Photography by Indah Nur.