Primary Mineral Deodorant

MY STORY: On my recent day trip, we left early in the morning to get to Joshua Tree in time for breakfast at Frontier Cafe, which has now become our tradition. They offer healthy sandwiches that actually taste really good and coffee from Joshua Tree Coffee Company. After we ate, we headed straight for the park. By the time we arrived at the park, the temperature was already in the 90s, but we decided we still wanted to take a few short hikes. That day was my first time trying Primary’s Mineral Deodorant. Throughout the day I smelled pleasant and by the end of the day, the scent had faded. I didn't seem to smell like anything, which I was relieved to not have body odor. I am excited to keep using this deodorant since I know it works in such hot weather and it’s honestly such a lovely smell, I want to wear it all the time.

PRIMARY'S STORY: Jessica Olsen started Primary, a female-owned business focused on self-care, after trying almost every natural deodorant on the market and was unable to call any her holy grail. Products she tried irritated her skin, was messy to use, or even made her smell worse. She found that most natural deodorants included the same basic ingredients: arrowroot, baking soda, coconut butter, and/or shea butter. These ingredients all caused issues for her skin. After over a year of development and research, Jessica launched her Mineral Deodorant, which are all produced by hand in California. I love that she also made sure to design a bottle that would look beautiful on her counter in her home!