Lloyd Linen Tank Top in Black and Linen Pant in Black

MY STORY: About a year ago, I started blogging again. I’ve always enjoyed sharing my outfits but it came to a point where I didn’t see a reason anymore. I was busy with adjusting to a new workplace and decided to take a break that lasted about half a year. I ended up leaving my job and that’s when I went back to blogging. This time I wanted to focus on sharing outfits that uplifted brands that aligned with what I believe. I wanted to share the importance of ethical manufacturing and sustainability through my experience of (then, newly) working in the fashion industry and stories of brands. 

When I restarted this blog, I shared an outfit with a top I had purchased from a fast fashion retailer and a pair of pant I made. Fast forward to today, I still wear that outfit and it’s probably one of my favorite ones because it’s all black, comfortable, and easy to wear. I am able to dress it up or down just by changing my shoes. 

After wearing these pants at least once a week, they have faded and the tank top has kept up because it is made in a polyester material. Even then I have felt that I would love this tank top more if it came in a natural fabric. This is when it came to me that it would be a great time to upgrade this outfit and also support a small business that has the same vision as me (read their story below!). The two pieces I am wearing are made of 100% linen and I know I will be wearing this outfit on repeat throughout the summer and layered in the winter. Perhaps I will do another update on this look within a year from now. On another note, I started sharing my daily outfits on my Instagram stories to show how much I actually repeat my pieces and outfits.

LLOYD'S STORY: Mira Campbell and Kathy Hamagami created LLOYD to express their deep interest in shapes, textures, and colors through clothing. Mira has been sewing since she was a teenager and Kathy has been interested in clothing since she was young. They were working together and realized they both shared a dream of owning a clothing company that is respectful and conscious of how the garments are produced. In 2013, they started sewing together and a year later, they sold their first piece and got a business license. In 2016, they left their jobs to pursue LLOYD full time. They design and hand-make pieces that are comfortable and can be worn year round. Mira and Kathy are slowly building a company that caters to individuals with different body types, ages, and identifications.