Mayamiko Brenda Top in Lemon Sorbet, Second Hand Pants, Osborn Clarity Flat in Greyci

MY STORY: For so long, I never understood the purpose of reflecting on myself, my actions and reactions. I came to learn that it is important in order to break the chains from previous generations and to become the best version of myself. After starting to reflect, I realized that my actions mirrored my family’s and how I was brought up. There are positives as well as negatives and it is really only up to me to first recognize them and then choose to change them. 

One of my negatives is impatience. I grew up in an extremely fast-paced environment in school and my home, so that was all I knew. I was expected to do everything quickly and accurately from timed tests to days packed back-to-back with activities. In hindsight, it makes sense why I have an internal expectation for all things to move and process speedily. Recognizing this, I am learning to let go of these expectations and practice patience in testing situations. I am only at the very beginning of this process and I know it will be a long journey to get to where I currently only dream to be. It will be difficult to combat so many years of what I've been used to but being a Christian, I know that it will be possible, not when I decide, but in God's time.

MAYAMIKO'S STORY: Paola Masperi founded Mayamiko in 2013 to offer clothing, accessories, and homeware ethically made in Malawi combining modern design with traditional African techniques. Mayamiko offers different styles in bold traditional African printed cotton known as chitenje, unique fabrics sourced at local markets of neighboring African countries, batik, and cotton dip dyed by Dominic, their local craftsman. They also offer an up-cycled collection which gives life to reclaimed fabrics. Paola believes that by producing ethically, quality and design should be not compromised but instead add to the value of the garments.