AK Threads

AK Threads Obi-Tie Silk Blazer, Linen Pants, Osborn Clarity Flats in Greyci

MY STORY: As Thanksgiving is approaching, I am reminded of all that I have and am blessed with. I am grateful to be able to use this platform to support the slow fashion movement, by sharing what I’ve learn in the fashion industry and about the brands that are working towards making a positive impact. It is amazing to discover so many brands that are working for change in an industry that is toxic to both those who are working and purchasing.

Workers are often underpaid, disrespected, and work in unsafe environments. It may be surprising to you that this is actually quite common in Los Angeles, a city where the fashion industry is prominent. It is sad to say that finding a manufacturer that treats workers with dignity is actually difficult. With the number of ethical brands continuing to grow and larger fashion houses changing to more sustainable processes, I want to continue using this platform to promote new or evolving brands that ensure the safety and wellbeing of those in the fashion industry. Without the courage and hard works of these brands, the workers who are unable to speak up for themselves would continue to suffer.

Customers who frequent fast fashion retailers can be swayed by the trendy styles or low prices offered. In my experience of shopping fast fashion, I found that I was continuously spending on cheap goods that wouldn’t last, while the amount I spent mountained. Clothing from these stores are not only made poorly, but with chemicals that irritate the skin. After a wash or two, the garment begins to deteriorate either in the fabric or seams. I came to realize that these companies just wanted my continuous commitment to spending instead of valuing the money I spent.

I wanted to share this because with Thanksgiving comes Black Friday, the biggest day in America to promote consumerism. I hope that what I shared will cause you to think about your purchases whether you plan to shop this Friday or not. This season, I will be purchasing gifts from ethical fashion or home goods brands to support those working to better the lives of others.

AK THREADS’ STORY: AK Threads, which is short for Antakarana Threads, combines modern designs with traditional methods of creating garments to create unique foundational pieces. High quality is displayed throughout their creative process from natural fibers to practicing slow-made production. Each area of this process is researched thoroughly from artisanal partners and practices to ensure sustainable production and functionality of each piece. They respect local cultures and communities by utilizing skills native to the area and generating employment to sustain those living there. AK Threads is inspired by the Japanese concept of wabi sabi, which appreciates the rawness of natural things and processes. Through this, their goal is to inspire people to value the process and story behind their garments and choose to purchase with consideration.