Korina Natural Face Serum

MY STORY: It hadn’t dawned on me that my advanced pattern making class was coming to an end this week until this past Monday. It has been a challenging class as we were assigned many large projects back to back. I spent countless hours and stayed up many nights (which I rarely do) to work on cutting and sewing the 2 blazers we were to create from scratch. It’s almost the end but I know the next few days will be packed with work as we have our final pair of pants due. Even so, I am grateful to have a schedule that can accommodate the workload, having recently left my job and started freelancing. I feel that the timing of this transition couldn’t have been better with school becoming more rigorous. Through the difficult situations I had to experience at work and the freelance opportunities that were presented to me, I can so clearly see God working in my life. As a human, I never would’ve been able to foresee that the freelance work I started on before I left my job would be supporting me now. At the time, I even contemplated forgoing the freelance position since I had so much on my plate. Somehow it ended up being exactly what I needed. To be frank, for the longest time I struggled with seeing God in my life but as I started prioritizing spending time with Him, He has revealed Himself more than ever before.

KORINA'S STORY: Maria founded Korina, a non-toxic skin, body, and personal care line, after endlessly searching for a deodorant that worked. After unsuccessful tries ranging from mens to clinical strength antiperspirants, she also started researching the negative effects of traditional deodorants, one of which was clogging pores with aluminum - an ingredient commonly found in many deodorants. Her search for a deodorant that worked and was safe began. She happened to come across a deodorant recipe online using only natural ingredients and decided to try it. She tweaked the recipe by changing a few ingredients and ended up created a deodorant that actually worked for her. Even her husband who had been suffering from hyperhidrosis tried it and no longer experienced clogged pores. Even his excessive sweating stopped. With that, Maria launched Korina and eventually expanded her line to offer natural care products which are all handcrafted in California.