Bill + Jay

Bill + Jay Marcella Jacket in Black, Curator Jumpsuit, Osborn Clarity Flats in Greyci

MY STORY: I recently took a break from posting on social media and I couldn’t have been happier to do so. I really do enjoy sharing photos and about fashion but sometimes taking a break helps me recharge to create more. Don’t get me wrong, Instagram can be very inspiring to see the creativity and inspirational words people share but it can also become draining. There is constantly so much to catch up on and it can feel like a race. This has taken me a long time to realize but it was negatively affecting me mentally as I compared my life with the “perfect” lives people project to have. Even after overcoming this, it can be easy to fall back into, which is why I felt taking a break has helped. Even removing myself from social media for a few hours or days has helped me be more present. I’ve really learned to enjoy the presence of others and the time of rest.

BILL + JAY'S STORY: Bill+Jay is created by Isabelle and Jea who first met in sophomore year of college. That fall, they ended up becoming best friends, neighbors, and co-workers at their college costume shop. Fast forward ten years, they finally decided to make their dream a reality by designing and making clothes that reflected their unique style. Isabelle and Jea were concerned about the amount of waste generated by the fast fashion industry and after listening to podcasts about starting a small business in the summer of 2017, Isabelle and Jea brought their idea to life. Today, they continue to focus on sustainable fabrics such as linen, silk, and organic cotton to create timeless everyday clothing. All of the garments they offer are designed and produced by Isabelle and Jea themselves in the USA.