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Hey Moon Designs Pavo and Orion Earrings

MY STORY: I feel that every week I’ve been learning something to improve about myself. I enjoy writing about it here because it not only documents the steps I’m taking to become a better version of myself, but I’m able to share it with you. Perhaps you have already learned this or it can be something you were unaware of, like I was. This week’s lesson is a reminder for me since I’ve encountered it before, but it takes time and practice to get better.

This past week, my reminder was to understand that everyone has their problems and just things on their plate. Often times, people act on the way these issues make them feel. It is important not to take their actions personally and truly think about what they’re going through. Determine where the intention of their actions come from instead of judging right away. I know I’ve grown up quick to judge but I’ve come to learn that it isn’t the right thing to do. I should take a step back and evaluate what happened. I shouldn’t do the same thing and act on how they made me feel, but instead show them love. If you think about it, they probably need it the most at this time. This is definitely something difficult to do, but I am currently and will be working on it.

HEY MOON DESIGNS' STORY: Scarlet Penaloza is the founder of Hey Moon Designs, a minimal jewelry line that incorporates natural tones and geometrical shapes. Scarlet always loved crafting so she learned to hand-marble, form, and assemble her jewelry all in her apartment in Los Angeles. Her sister saw a necklace Scarlet made and asked her to make a few for her shop in Long Beach. She then sold them at a market for Shop Small Saturday and received such positive feedback that she continued trying out different markets. 

Hey Moon Designs is Scarlet's creative outlet since she works in a special education class and is also going to school to study rehabilitation counseling. With her background, she really pushed herself out of her comfort zone to start her brand and ended up learning a lot about herself and starting her own business. She enjoys meeting both the people that are drawn to her jewelry as well as the creative women she has worked besides. I recently had the pleasure of meeting Scarlet and she is the sweetest and overall such an inspiring person!