Barred Tamar Cami and Samson Culottes

MY STORY: Honestly, I don't want to lie and say I feel ready to be back here. It feels quite odd after the break I've taken, but I feel drawn to continue to explore where this will take me. On another note, I feel relieved that the craziness in the past weeks have calmed down a bit. I felt completely overwhelmed by the workload and amount of time I had to complete everything. I usually do pretty well handling stressful situations, but I'm human and sometimes it gets to me. 

This past week happened to be one of them and I had to learn to reevaluate my priorities. Even though I want to work on various projects, it's just not possible for me to participate in all of them and function normally. From school starting to having an important deadline last week, I had to rearrange my priorities in order to manage my time. Compared to what I was used to, I wasn't able to hang out with my friends as often and instead spent more time at home in order to finish everything. I used to want to do everything and actually attempted to until I learned how important rest was, which of course I'm still learning since I'm so used to always doing something. I came to realize that handling too many projects at once will only produce results that pale in comparison to ones that I give full attention and time to.

This brings me to share that I have come to a difficult decision to drop one of my two classes, because I reevaluated and want to focus my time on personal projects. I feel that I will grow more by participating in the field rather than in school even though I believe they are both very important. It is in making this decision that will help me grow as a person. Regardless of where this decision will take me, I will learn from it.

BARRED'S STORY: Barred is a transparent, sustainable clothing line founded in 2018 with the mission 'to set the captives free.' They not only hire workers to remove them from exploitative workplaces but they also make sure that both parties are benefited in the work. Barred donates 20% of all purchases to an empowerment project they collaborate with. All of their pieces are hand made with natural fabrics in their New Zealand studio.