Collar One Piece in Rust

MY STORY: When I first moved to LA, I knew a few people vaguely but I didn't have close friends. In my first few months, I met and hung out with different people here and there. I really enjoyed talking and eating with people and getting to know them. After about half a year, I happened to meet the amazing community I have now. We connected almost immediately about our past and started hanging out frequently. We had similarities in what we enjoyed doing and also for work. Soon enough, we all became very comfortable with each other. For a period of time I felt that I should pour myself into my community and put a hold on meeting new people because I wouldn't have the time. Now that I know them so well to the point where we feel connected with each other regardless if we hang out, I am in a comfortable space.

For a period of time, I fell into a space of just wanting time to do my own thing by myself when I'm not hanging out with my community. To a certain degree, this is good since I also need to make time to rest, but I got to the point where I didn't feel motivated to meet new people. It takes a lot of effort to nurture new relationships. I was recently reminded that I need to continue to connect with new people because we are stronger as a community of people than individuals. It's easy to not want to get involved with new people because everyone has their own problems and it's easier to stay out of them. This isn't necessarily what is stopping me from wanting to meet new people, but instead it's the thought of having to drive to meet them and feeling that I don't have enough energy to converse especially after work. Even so, I need to learn to balance and separate a time of rest and a time to meet people in order to show them God's love through me. In other words, I am excited to meet and hang out with new people while also maintaining my current relationships.

COLLAR'S STORY: Monta Apsāne is the founder, designer, and art director of Collar and Ieva Laube focuses on enhancing the conceptual vision and visual aesthetics through textual narrating. Collar offers women's swimwear and lingerie made to last. They aim to encourage women to love themselves fully regardless of body type. Collar holds a conscious and respectful outlook on the world and those around them. All of the pieces are crafted locally in Latvia in limited quantities to not overproduce and to retain their design value. 

Photography by Indah Nur.